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Hall_Guyton_and_Hall_Textbook_of medical physiology 13ed.pdf

The first edition of the Textbook of Medical Physiology was
written by Arthur C. Guyton almost 60 years ago. Unlike
most major medical textbooks, which often have 20 or
more authors, the first eight editions of the Textbook of
Medical Physiology were written entirely by Dr. Guyton,
with each new edition arriving on schedule for nearly
40 years. Dr. Guyton had a gift for communicating

complex ideas in a clear and interesting manner that
made studying physiology fun. He wrote the book to help
students learn physiology, not to impress his professional
I worked closely with Dr. Guyton for almost 30 years
and had the privilege of writing parts of the ninth and
tenth editions. After Dr. Guyton’s tragic death in an automobile
accident in 2003, I assumed responsibility for completing the subsequent editions.

For the thirteenth edition of the Textbook of Medical Physiology, I have the same goal as for previous editions to explain, in language easily understood by students, how the different cells, tissues, and organs of the human body work together to maintain life. 
This task has been challenging and fun because our rapidly increasing knowledge of physiology continues to
unravel new mysteries of body functions. Advances in molecular and cellular physiology have made it possible to explain many physiology principles in the terminology of molecular and physical sciences rather than in merely a series of separate and unexplained biological phenomena.

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