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Park's Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine 23rd Edition (2015) [PDF]

This Park’s Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine, 23rd edition is edited by K.Park. This Twenty Third Edition, is indeed gratifying that this book has seen twenty two successful editions and is now entering the twenty-third edition with a brand new look. This new edition is in keeping with the tradition of release of new editions at regular intervals, with the objective to match the pace of everchanging subject matter. The book has been thoroughly updated and revised. 

The Chapter on Communicable Diseases now contains the new treatment guidelines released by WHO (2013) for HIV/AIDS and December 2014 guidelines for post-exposure prophylaxis of HIV and use of cotrimoxazole in HIV cases. New treatment and diagnostic directives (2013) against malaria by Government of India have been incorporated. WHO has issued updated guidance on definitions of cases and treatment of tuberculosis to accomodate diagnosis using Xpert, MIB/RIF and other WHO endorsed molecular tests. These definitions now replace the 2006 definitions.

 Extensive work is going on in MDR-TB investigations and treatment in different situations, e.g., adult tubercular cases, paediatric cases, TB with HIV/AIDS, during pregnancy etc. These regimens have been covered in detail. Ebola Virus Disease has been included in re-emerging Diseases. Soil transmitted helminthiasis contains new matter.


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