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Behavioral Sciences

Behavioral Sciences
Behavioral Sciences Defined:
Behavioral Sciences in medical education is an aggregate body of knowledge which has been argued and refined.
Behavioral Sciences is Defined as the science of behavior,
 As a science it formed from many sciences as follows:
Biochemistry, genetics, pharmacology, physiology,  anthropology, sociology, and psychology. Also it shares with other sciences the scientific method.
  As behavior it consists of many behaviors like psychomotor, sensor motor,  
Mental functioning, thought process, emotional state, and personality structure.
Integration of Behavioral Sciences and Psychiatry:
There are two practical ties between Behavioral Sciences and Psychiatry:
The first is academic history for Behavioral Sciences was introduced through the department of Psychiatry.
The second both Behavioral Sciences and Psychiatry deal with abnormal behavior as follows:
Behavioral Sciences:  assessment, intervention ( psychotherapy), And  Follow up.
 Psychiatry: diagnosis, intervention( drugs), and Follow up.

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